Aliens? What is the Possibility?

            For years, people have been debating the presence or even just the possibility of life existing within the rest of the universe, and, as a result, a new scientific field has emerged: astrobiology. In this field, scientists are simply studying life in the universe. How does life emerge? What conditions are needed in order toContinue reading “Aliens? What is the Possibility?”

The Lesser Known Planetary Rings

When quizzed about planetary characteristics in elementary school, the typical questioned asked when referring to Saturn is, “Which planet in the solar system has rings?” While answering Saturn is not incorrect, it isn’t completely correct either. Other planets with rings in our solar system are Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. A more accurate way to askContinue reading “The Lesser Known Planetary Rings”

Earth’s (Temporary) Second Moon

This title may be a little misleading. Yes, there is a small object that is currently trapped in the Earth’s orbit, however this is a small asteroid by the name of 2020 CD3. This asteroid is typically orbiting the Sun, however recently got trapped in the gravitational pull of the Earth, so, for now, itContinue reading “Earth’s (Temporary) Second Moon”

Climate Change: Real and Present

Climate change, although a widely debated issue, is impacted the world more and more on a daily basis. Climate change is the long-term affect of human-caused damage to the Earth and its different environments. Often climate change if referred to simply as global warming, and, while global warming is a part of climate change, itContinue reading “Climate Change: Real and Present”

The Visible Doppler Effect

            Ever wonder why the siren of a police car or a firetruck seems to change in pitch after it passes by? Well, the phenomenon is known as the Doppler Effect. The Doppler Effect explains how sound, like in the example above, or light waves are manipulated by the movement of an object in relation toContinue reading “The Visible Doppler Effect”

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