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Aliens? What is the Possibility?

This video explores the basic possibilities of the presence of life in the rest of the universe.

            For years, people have been debating the presence or even just the possibility of life existing within the rest of the universe, and, as a result, a new scientific field has emerged: astrobiology. In this field, scientists are simply studying life in the universe. How does life emerge? What conditions are needed in order to facilitate the existence of life? What is the possibility that we are able to find life in the universe and how can be determine if a planet is able to be inhabited by life? All these questions are necessary in order to properly study this subject.

            In recent years, astrobiology has become more and more present, as it is still a relatively new type of science. This means that new missions and technologies are being thought of and pursued in the name of searching for life. For example, recent missions to Mars looking for the possibility of previous life have been in the name of astrobiology. While we have not yet, as far as I can tell, have found definitive proof of life outside of Earth, this new science is a promising area to keep an eye out for, especially those of you excited about the idea of aliens.


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