Introducing: Lily

My name is Lily and I’m a freshman at Vanderbilt University. I’m majoring in special education and am hoping to add either a second major or a minor in theatre. Yes, intitially this seems like an odd combination, however my ultimate goal in life is to open a theatre company for children and teenagers on the autism spectrum.

Some of my favorite activities include theatre, singing, and swimming. In high school I participated in 17 different shows, in a range of positions from onstage to offstage. Some of my favorite roles included playing Logainne in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Claire in Proof, and Stage Manager for Macbeth. Additionally, I took voice lessons in high school and have continued to take lessons here at Vanderbilt through the Blair School of Music. Finally, I swam for about 6 years on a local swim team until the commitment became too difficult in addition to doing theatre and vocal activities, however I do still try to swim recreationally whenever I can.

Something interesting about myself that almost anyone who knows me would say is that I have a true love for Disney. My family has visited Disney almost every year, and the occasional second trip some years, meaning I have been to Walt Disney World over 20 times as of now. I know many people consider Disney to be childish, but I’ve always seen it as a little escape. I’m always smiling when watching Disney movies and on bad days I’m usually found listening to some of Disney’s greatest hits.

Picture by me on our most recent trip to Disney World in November, 2019. This photo was taken at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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